Why Do Law Firms Need a Social Media Marketing Manager?

For an organization looking to connect and generate leads for potential clients online, it is going to require the help of a social media marketing manager to stay on top of it all. Law firms are no exception.

For an organization looking to connect and generate leads for potential clients online, it is going to require the help of a social media marketing manager to stay on top of it all. Law firms are no exception.

Every business in today’s economic and online climate needs to have an online social media presence and understand how to use it. Maybe the field of legal work seems different than other businesses with a certain veil of secrecy and prestige. Yes, there are confidentiality and ethics rules that need to be followed, but pull back the legalities - a law firm is a business that needs clients to keep it going.

From the moment the first website went live until now, our world has rapidly turned more and more to interacting online, and now it’s done at an even faster pace in a mobile fashion. How we spend our time or what we choose to pay attention to is typically done in short bursts of attention within the social media platform of our choice. All of this isn’t just by chance. It is carefully thought out with analytics, algorithms, and effective social media strategy, planning, and constant communication. These interactions influence everything from where we decide to eat, who we hire to mow our lawn, to what doctor or professional services we choose to work with.

Like any company wanting to get the word out that they are accepting clients, a law firm can benefit from using a social media marketing manager who has the skills of marketing online and understands how a law firm operates as well. The idea is to reach out and communicate with potential clients, and other than some special confidentiality and ethics rules to consider, it’s not much different for a law firm than any other business.

Successful social media plans understand that frequency and interaction are the two most important elements to connect with a client base and to generate new leads for potential clients. It’s this frequent interaction that will capture the attention of those using the social media platform you utilize. These posts are not just another way to bombard potential client’s with ads. It’s much more than that. It’s reaching out to potential clients on a personal basis and providing helpful information in the form of content articles, videos, images and quotes that address their interests and needs. As well as using questions or surveys to interact with potential clients and get helpful and informed feedback. A social media marketing manager also needs to have good customer service skills to respond appropriately to negative comments and complaints and to monitor the pages for inappropriate or offensive posts.

A social media marketing manager needs to have the skills of marketing, while understanding each social media platform they are using and which ones are best for the clientele you seek. This may include the length of an ideal Tweet or Facebook post, as well as how many times a week to post and the best times of the day to share information. This also requires keeping up with all of the constant changes within each platform. A good social media marketing manager will understand all of this as well as how to read page insight reports and analytics to see how effective each online post or campaign really is. Most importantly, a social media marketing manager working for a law firm must understand the rules of professional conduct to which all lawyers are bound to ensure proper advertising compliance.

Ultimately, social media is about connecting and communicating with each other. When it comes to law, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed, and a social media manager will work within this frame to establish a client base with the law firm while connecting on a social level online. They will keep the conversations going until you have a personalized working relationship with clients that fit with what your law firm offers without crossing any inappropriate lines.

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